krowdsourced is a dynamic solution for architects + designers

that streamlines the process of material selection for commercial projects



Our unique solutions streamline the often cumbersome process of material selection for commercial projects, bringing simplicity + transparency to commercial project material selections.


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Physical Library





In any size firm, a materials library is an immense drain on resources - space, time, and billable hours. Located in downtown Portland, we are an industry leading materials resource solution that allows you to transform how materials are selected for your commercial projects.

With a vast inventory of building materials, our staff of product experts keeps them constantly up to date and coordinated with our website catalog. Through our unparalleled organization + integration between the physical library and our online database, we save you billable hours on every project.



Sampling + Sample Returns

You can order your samples from all of your local reps through our online system, or take them with you from our library and our system will have them automatically replenished. We also pick up all of your sample returns on a rotating schedule and facilitate their return to manufacturers, local schools, or local artist resource non-profits. We are committed to creating a more sustainable future in the materials resource industry. We are excited that we can help designers and manufacturers connect, while also curtailing the carbon footprint of the typical materials resource library. Let's ship less materials across the county, sample less, and relationship more.



Curated Munch + Learns

 Whether it's a lunch hour or a happy hour, your time is valuable. We manage a variety of curated learning sessions, meaning all you need to do it show up, eat, drink, and discover. CEU credits available for some presentations.



Material Board Online Ordering

 As a member of krowdsourced you are eligible to purchase our custom made materials boards for any of your projects. We have simplified this typically cumbersome process for firms and now it's as simple as clicking, uploading your layout, and checking out. 




Membership Benefits

Access to our fully updated commercial building materials library, organized for ease of specification

Local materials + resources curation

24 hour building access

Material resource specialists on hand 8:30am-5pm

Full size samples of carpet and fabric memos on-site

Take samples right out of our library

QR coded samples connected to the website with scanning

Coordinate your lunch and learns with our digital calendar tool, tailored to your firm's preferences

Access to our curated Munch 'n Learn educational sessions

Rep database management

Material board creation + sample ordering

Reservable conference space


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Extensive Online Search Tools

With incredible technology integrations, and numerous products and manufacturers in one place, we help your team quickly find the perfect materials for your vision and project.




Ordering Samples

Order all of your samples online with the ease of a shopping cart checkout. Your sample requests (and associated questions) are broken out and emailed to the appropriate local reps, while also copying you on the emails. Reorder within seconds, and even note multiple shipping addresses if needed.




Rep Database

Eliminate the need to track rep contact information. We track all of Oregon's reps in one shared database. Send an email or make a call with ease.



Sustainability Searches

Search for the products you need by their sustainability attributes. (Coming Q3 in collaboration with Mindful Materials)



Earn Swag

As an added benefit, you earn reward points every time you order samples from our site. Spend these points in our rewards store and score some cool swag.




search tools


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Firm Library Maintenance





For firms who also need to maintain an in-house library, we help make the updating and maintenance of that library as painless as possible. With QR coded products, integrated technology, and our team of experts who do this day in and day out, we make your library an updated and beautiful part of your business. We happily train your library staff on how to integrate our digital cataloging system, or if you don't have staff, we can handle your on-site library updates as well.

This outsourced option helps to curate local resources and materials - information that is often difficult to locate, and in turn difficult to update.


Our membership plans offer flexibility, as we cater to the exact needs of your firm. From simple monthly updates, to a member of our staff maintaining office hours at your firm, we cover the specific needs of any studio. We help with managing updates, vetting new products, rep database maintenance, gathering sustainability information, and much more. Connect with our team to find a solution that is right for you and your team.

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Here to Help

Our goal at krowdsourced is to facilitate connections within the design community, while bringing transparency and simplicity to the materials specification process. We are always on the lookout for suggestions and feedback on our new site, so please reach out to us anytime.