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krowdsourced enables the commercial design community to find materials + solutions for projects that match their values.

We call them Value Based Specifications, and we do it all through our streamlined platform in less time than the old ways.


Build better.

Using our digital database, expert staff, + physical library we offer access to finish samples, product pricing, technical documents, + project research assistance.

Every firm has a customized package built to fit their individual needs and staff size. We are here to help you build better.

"Reps have been incredibly responsive and materials quick to arrive."

Silia Sequeira

IA Interior Architects

"krowdsourced has allowed our team to focus on what we do best by providing access to a more current, and comprehensive library than we could establish on our own."

Sherrill Johnson

DLR Group

"An amazing business concept and great resource for designers."

Kelley Edwards

SERA Design

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Love each other

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Love your whole self

Connection to people, place, and earth

Celebrate Good Times

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Be vibrant

Surround your senses with joy


Embrace vulnerability

Be thoughtful

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Live a balanced life

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