Our memberships are available to commercial architectural and design firms in the states that we work. We are a community builder and we are here to help the commercial construction industry be more transparent and less confusing for all parties involved.

A comprehensive list of the features we offer firms can be found here.

Update Your Sales Rep Info

  • Updating your sales rep info is the easiest way to connect with the community
  • Think of this as your listing in the world first centralized commercial construction rolodex

Free Product Uploads

  • Always and forever free for manufacturers to upload their product themselves to our database
  • We provide the template and search filters
  • We provide training to your team
  • You maintain drops & new additions

Free Library Space

  • Portland only
  • All other locations are web based at this date
  • We do not charge to have your products in our library but instead use the design community's consensus to curate our space

Full Service Product Uploads

  • This is a hands off, just get it done, service that we offer our manufacturer partners
  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • We take your information (from web, csv, etc) and get your products uploaded to our platform
  • One time fee for initial upload
  • Maintenance is additional cost

See how easy it is to connect to specifiers.