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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a commercial interior designer or architect to use this website?

Yes. This website is intended for design professionals who have at least 50% or more of their work on commercial projects. With that being said, if you have questions please email our team and we will help you figure out if you qualify for an account.

Do I need to be located in Oregon or Southwest Washington to use this website?

For product and sample ordering, currently, yes. Feel free to apply for an account, and you will be the first to be notified when krowdsourced comes to your region.

How do I order samples through the website?

You can add any product or manufacturer to your shopping bag. There are two fields you will need to fill out for each item. Feel free to add as many products to your shopping bag as you would like and then checkout. Your local reps will automatically be delivered an email that will generate the sample request for their product only. You will also automatically be copied on this email. However, they will not see your whole order, only their portion.

Can I invite my friends and colleagues?

Well of course! And you'll even earn rewards points / krowdsourced karats for doing it if you already have an account with us. To learn more click on the red 'Reward Program' tab on the right or bottom of the screen.

I'm a manufacturer. How do I submit a product to be added to the website?

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your products must be intended for use in commercial applications.

Do the rewards points / krowdsourced karats expire?

Nope, never.

How does the Reward Program 'krowdsourced karats' work?

We reward you for a variety of actions that you can take on the site. You earn karats (points) based on each action, and then you can convert your karats into store credit and purchase items from the Reward Store. Easy peezy. To learn more click here, or on the red 'Reward Program' button on the bottom of the screen.

When will my krowdsourced karats update when I order samples?

Currently there is a little lag on the karat balance update. But you should have an update to your balance within 2-4 hours. Check your order status page. If it says 'Awaiting Fulfillment' the points have not yet been assigned. When the status changes to 'Shipped' your karat balance will update. If you run into any problems please email us and we can help support you.