Rep Finder

Quit wasting your precious time tracking rep information when you can connect with the community here on krowdsourced. We track all of the commercial reps for finishes, surfaces, plumbing, lighting, furniture and architectural products. All in one place, at your fingertips.

Catalog Links

Our full product database focuses on finishes, but our catalog links will direct you to the inspiring websites and catalog links where you will find the industry's most unique furniture, lighting and plumbing finishes and will make your next project a success.

Interior Product Database

Billable hours go fast. And we are here to help you spend them in better places. We consolidate hundreds of manufacturer's product information into one searchable database so that you can spend less time searching for the perfect fabric and more time creating spaces that inspire. We help you build better.

One Cart Sample Ordering

You won't find an easier way to order project samples than through krowdsourced. We make sample ordering as easy as your client thinks it is. We have hundreds of brands on one site that you can directly order samples from your LOCAL REPS. If you can use an online shopping cart you can order samples on krowdsourced. Orders are sent directly to your local rep and you are copied on the order. We are all about connecting, we just don't want you wasting your time in email.

Material Pricing Information

Pricing is hard, we get it. It depends on a whole slew of factors. But during the discovery phase it doesn't need to be complicated. In the product listings on our website you will find a $ - $$$$$ range for categories and where that specific product falls. Make better decisions with more information.

Architectural Product Database

Find architectural products and the technical reps that you need to actually get your project built. Between our helpful staff and our online database you will find the perfect solutions to your architectural, cladding, or exterior needs.

Technical Documentation

Do you love digging around on websites for years on end trying to find their specs sheets and warranty information? Yeah, neither do we. That's why we have quick links to the most important information right on the product listing. Design is complicated, finding spec sheets shouldn't be.

Local Makers

The next solution to your design ideas is probably waiting to be made by an amazing local fabricator or artisan. Our communities are filled with talent, but that talent doesn't always have the sales force to find you. So they find us, and we connect you to them. We can't wait to see what you create.

Sustainability Tools

To us sustainability is about more than just recycled content, it is about transparency in product reporting. We are committed to helping you build better buildings, because we want to live and work in healthier spaces. From LEED tools, to the most robust product sustainability filtering we've got your back.

Research Requests

Looking for a leather with an NRC rating of 0.25 or higher? Need a tile with DCOF for wet areas that can be installed interior and exterior? PVC free fabric with recycled content and Alta treatments available? Challenge accepted. Submit your requests online and our staff will have you multiple solutions quick as lightning, so you can go back to interpreting the NFPA.

Solution Finder

You have 99 problems but finding the perfect material to actually execute your design ideas shouldn't be one. Dust that shoulder off, you're backed by krowdsourced. Thank you, next.

Expert Product Librarians

Our staff is the most amazing group of amazing amazingness. But seriously, we're amazing. We know materials inside and out because we meet with dozens of manufacturers each week and we know finishes. Help us help you by signing up for a krowdsourced membership. Let's do this.

Additional Services

Presentation Tools

Remember that time in college when you stayed up all night making presentation boards? So fun right? Ha, kidding. Don't be that person who wastes your client's time and money making boards. We order the samples, cut them down, and create the boards for half the cost you can. Cause again, we're awesome. And also, to top that off we give additional discounts to members.

Sample Pick-Up

What happens to all of the fabulous samples that you've ordered? For locations that are lucky enough to have a krowdsourced library (aka Portland) we do sample pickups on the regular for participating firms. Put all your unwanted samples in the naughty corner and we will send our magic sample fairies over to pick them up. Find out what happens to the samples here.

Library Maintenance

Yep, we are your in office materials librarians. We have the team and talent to help organize your library efficiently and with integrated technology (BETA). If you can't deal with the mess and disorganization even one more day, let's chat.

Loving The Support You Provide

Sarah Sasek - Opsis Architecture

"I am loving the support you provide! This would have taken me 30min. of digging online to find if the product comes in tile, and then reaching out to the rep. Your support saved me a chunk of time! Thank you!"

Changed Our Lives

Chris Soderberg - Soderberg Design

"As a small business owner, trying to maintain our materials library was always a challenge. krowdsourced has changed our lives! We are now able to pull a presentation together in a day rather than waiting days for samples to arrive. The krowdsourced showroom has a great vibe, totally easy to use and a very knowledgeable staff to help find the right direction for your project. We are committed to krowdsourced!"

Latest and Greatest of Products

Richelle Nolan - IA Interior Architects

"Krowdsourced has enabled us to better utilize our library assets and real-estate. Offering our designers the latest and greatest of products, educational series and events with minimal impact to our daily process."