Finish Schedule Happiness

Have a load of samples that you need ordered from your finish schedule? But only about 5 seconds of time to spare? We've got your back!

Fill out form and upload finish schedule

Our team orders samples via your local reps

You receive all samples at your office

Need help ordering a load of finishes from a finish schedule? We hear you! Fill out this form and our friendly team will connect with your local reps on your behalf to have the samples sent your way.

A couple of caveats before we begin:

  • We only order free samples, any payments needed and we'll put you in touch with the rep directly.
  • This is for the following categories only: interior & exterior finish materials.
  • International-super-weird-samples are a gray area for us. But hey, it never hurts to ask!
  • Must be actual, real products. Aka, we can't order "blue fabric" but we can be all over Maharam, Divina, #756. (If you are looking for "blue fabric" we would happily do that as a research request! Or check out the online catalog.)
  • We will typically need 24 hours to place the order.