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Based in Portland, OR

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September 1, 2017


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921 SW Washington St
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Portland, OR 97205

(971) 271-6905


The krowdsourced intelligent cloud network empowers commercial architects, designers, and contractors to source and specify thousands of products in minutes not weeks.



krowdsourced is a woman-owned, community-led company. Nicole Schmidt, CEO and founder, realized early the power of the community that existed in commercial construction and wanted to centralize that knowledge and power that the construction community embraced. Her history working for both design firms and manufacturers feeds her desire to really solve this pervasive problem. Andy Rosic, CTO and co-founder, was most recently leading innovation projects at The Home Depot and has a deep background in enterprise cloud software, mobile, payments, and retail. His experience forming and scaling startups is well-suited to the company’s current stage and trajectory.

The Industry Need

In the fixed-bid, commercial construction market, margins are super tight. And yet, everyone from architects to designers to specifiers to builders waste hundreds of hours searching again for the same items and re-entering them into their systems. They have to track down hundreds to thousands of manufacturer reps annually, where turnover is high, and manage an almost completely manual process for complex, multi-million dollar project specifications.

Information access is heavily dispersed and available only in a 1950’s-style sales cycle, relying heavily on face-to-face interactions and unreliable emails and phone calls. The product offerings are exploding and becoming ever more complex with sustainability, renewables, local, and similar evolving specs. The existing sources are siloed, and are frequently biased via existing business models or delivery mechanisms. Gaining access to product details and pricing is tedious, intricate, and convoluted. Finding the correct rep who can give you this information, and tracking down who takes over their role months from now, is a wild goose chase.

The company is bringing radical transparency and simplicity to commercial construction projects. krowdsourced is the industry-standard product catalog and communication platform for commercial construction product specifications.

"More Design. Less Admin. No more bullsh♥t."


The company began in the Portland, OR market with both a digital presence as well as a physical sample library. After capturing a majority of the design and architecture firms, the company expanded to serve all of Oregon. At the start of 2019, krowdsourced expanded their digital presence to five additional states -- Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, and Washington. Through this initial expansion, the industry has pushed the company to continue its national growth and the company is looking forward to continuing their efforts to serve the design and construction community nationwide.

krowdsourced bootstrapped growth for over a year through self-funding and customer revenue. The company successfully raised a Series Seed round of venture funding on June 28, 2019. The round was co-led by Oregon Venture Fund (OVF) and Rogue Venture Partners.



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