Material Board - Framed - 24x36
Material Board - Framed - 24x36

Material Board - Framed - 24x36

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NOTE :•:
Standard lead time once samples arrive is 1 - 1.5 weeks.

We are here to make your life easier. We offer framed materials boards and take care of all the sample cutting and sizing. We have pre-priced 3 standard sizes and framing options. But we also can do anything customized outside of these parameters as well. Email the team at to connect on that.

It's a simple process with just these 4 steps:

  1. Select your size, frame color, and matting color
  2. Upload a pdf of your board layout, title block + your finishes list
  3. Decide if you are ordering the samples, or if we are; and select that option
  4. Upload a custom font if using

Lead time once samples arrive is 1 - 1.5 weeks and we will return the finished board to your office. If you need expedited please email us at to connect and see if we can accommodate.

Now you have an option for a finished, framed materials board that costs you less than you would normally spend in time just to order the samples.

We can also ship the board for additional costs, these will be quoted to you via email.


Examples of the documents needed are shown in the product photos.


Questions? Contact Nicole or Alexandra at 971-271-6905


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